a repair platform to keep damaged clothes in a loop

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As a result of fast fashion, more than 80 billion garments in several new collections from different several new collections from various manufacturers flood the international market. The focus is on production costs rather than on the durability and service life of the textiles and materials. In Germany, up to 1.2 million tons of clothing end up in the garbage every year. Of all clothing collected, only 2% is resold in Germany, is sorted out, usually only because of a small hole. Repairing clothes is simply not worth it for manufacturers. In the private sector, too, the effort, skill and cost of repairing a piece of clothing is usually higher than buying a new one. “re:patch” can be a solution to this fast fashion problem. Repairing clothing needs a label and a place. “re:patch” is pop-up space for the revaluation of clothing can be set up anywhere with very little space needed. People can, for example in a second-hand store, either hand in their worn and damaged clothing or select clothings from the shop which has to get repaired, have it patched or even or have them redesigned. Depending on the quality, texture, color, etc., corresponding patches are made from more damaged parts. These patches are then used to repair or cover small defects on the well-preserved or concealed and can then be offered for resale. In this way, “re:patch” makes it possible to restore the value and wearability of a large proportion of discarded garments.

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