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Resortecs is an award-winning start-up that develops Design for Disassembly solutions. We drive circularity in fashion with heat-dissolvable stitching threads and thermal disassembly systems that make textile recycling easy. 

Through targeted innovations in the way clothes are assembled and disassembled, our solutions empower fashion and workwear brands to rise to today’s environmental challenges at the pace and scale Earth needs. All without compromising the creativity, design, and quality of clothing. 

Resortecs’ globally-patented thermal disassembly solution is 5X faster than traditional disassembly methods and makes it possible to recycle up to 90% of the original fabric material: Smart Stitch™, our heat-dissolvable stitching thread with different melting points (150°C, 170°C and 190°C), enables brands to transform their products into recyclable, circular pieces from the manufacturing stage. Smart Disassembly™, our thermal disassembly system, enables recyclers to unlock higher volumes of premium-quality material, processing up to 4M garments/year with low emissions and no material damage, so that fabrics can be used over and over again. 


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