A meaningful eco-burial and memorial service that transform's people's ashes into reefs to regenerate nature and create a long-lasting legacy.

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Resting Reef is a memorial and eco-burial service that regenerates life in people’s afterlives and radically changes how we see and experience one of the most traumatic events in our lifetime – death. We do this by building artificial reef structures with a formula containing human ashes and crushed oyster shells, two elements that nourish and promote marine growth. Resting Reef provides legacies that restore nature for the next generations to come by increasing marine biodiversity, filtering water, preventing coastal erosion, and capturing CO2.

Each individual memorial will be a reef structure that can be combined to create entire artificial reef cemeteries to boost natural oyster reefs, which have decreased by 85 percent due to human activities. This makes them one of the world’s most threatened bio-diverse habitats.

We aim to revolutionise how people perceive death and the way funeral services are delivered. We are creating an experience that accompanies customers throughout their whole grief process and we provide aftercare services that guide and support them in navigating one of the most traumatic experiences in life.

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