Truly circular solutions

Picture this, a world where textiles work in harmony with nature. Using fashion as a force for climate action.

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At the beginning of the century, we bought almost half as much and kept clothes for twice as long. 2 decades later, we are buying 60% more and keeping them for half the time. Every second, a garbage truck of textiles is exiled to landfills or incinerated. Fast fashion is a pollutant, impacting our land, our rivers, and the very air we breathe. We are reimagining a new circular system that turns waste into biodegradable soil enriching fabric to last longer, use fewer resources, and work with nature.

At Rethread Africa, we are redefining the future of sustainable circular fashion by developing the technology that turns agricultural waste into biodegradable textile fabric. Our fabric uses 99% less water than cotton, reduces CO2 emissions by 80%, and eutrophication by 51%. But more interesting is that we are using maize husk residue, enabling smallholder farmers to increase their income by 40% and designing material that breaks down to re-enrich the soil at their end of life. We are also working on turning water hyacinth into making your next athleisure wear.


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