Circular loop of modular shoes repurposed from ocean-deemed plastic wastes

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In one year alone, over 381 million [metric tons] of plastic waste is produced around the world and the sad part is only 9 percent of this waste is recycled. So we thought: Why can’t we convert plastic waste into shoes? The global footwear industry produces about 30 billion pairs of shoes annually. Most of the shoes are made of petroleum-based plastics, foams, and rubbers. On the flip side of the demand for new petroleum-derived material for shoes is the staggering amount of plastics that go to a landfill every year. We wanted to do something that impacts an everyday part of our lives. We’ve always seen plastic wastes around us and have always looked for ways to help the environment. We believe these customizable shoes from SALUBATA could help stamp out plastic waste in its entirety. Shoes that are fully recycled and recyclable.


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