Skateistan in a Box is designed to empower children through skateboarding and education for a sustainable future.

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Skateistan in a Box provides safe spaces where children can have fun, build their skills and confidence, and break down social barriers by making new friends. It is designed to be sustainable and flexible, based on a local-first approach that can be adapted, scaled, and tailored for differing needs and locations. The creators are Skateistan, an award-winning international non-profit organization that empowers children through skateboarding and education in many places, and Indeed Innovation, a design office for circular innovation, who joined the cause in 2021. Together we laid the foundation for the multifunctional, accessible, go-easy resources and durable Skateistan in a Box.

Skateistan in a Box utilizes upcycled shipping containers pimped with insulation and noise damping and equipped with solar panels or wind turbines for energy supply, rainwater collectors, and dry compost toilets. The starter box provides ramps, instruction manuals, and guidelines on how to build a flexible interior from local, renewable materials. All you need is 200 sqm leveled ground—preferably next to an enclosing wall to protect and mount sports equipment. Each container is modular, can be packed in case of an emergency, and transported over rough terrain.

Each venue grows with the expectation and the size of the community. As all elements are flexible, locally sourced, and built, additional containers can be added anytime. All components are built with minimum resources and reuse scenarios in mind. The worn interior can be replaced, while the durable container and installations are built to last.

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