Quadloop is a clean tech company that utilizes electronic waste to build solar lanterns and home systems with a lower environmental impact.

Long description

Our project entails the manufacturing of consumer energy products, such as solar lanterns and home systems which is produced locally leveraging electronic waste materials. we started out in 2017 as an R&D company with the sole aim of building portable products to help people in rural Off-grid communities have a clean affordable energy. Along the line we noticed it would be difficult to achieve our goal if we depend solely on importation of key components and resources from China due to forex logistics and other costs.

This is when we then decided to look into electronic waste material, In Africa E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste stream after plastic and Bio waste, with only 17% is being recycled formally while 83% is either handled by the informal sector or its been thrown into the landfill.

E-waste materials such as laptops , desktop monitors , Flat screen TVs, discarded energy boxes, mobile phones and other gadgets are very useful for the team at Quadloop as we harvest certain materials which is then used to build our products.

Our flagship product is called Idunnu which means Joy in southwestern Nigeria is a portable solar lantern designed with circularity at heart using 70% electronic waste material and provides the user with basic light and a USB port for mobile charging devices.

Additional video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/877YBkZGlgw

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