Transforming old clothes into new ones through a reverse retail system called TRANSFORMABLES that keeps materials in flow.

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To keep waste out of landfill, we developed a reverse retail system called Transformables – a capsule collection of upcycled clothing that the customer orders by sending us their old jeans and/or cotton shirts to be transformed into their choice piece from the collection.

The number of shirts or pairs of jeans required for each of the items in the collection is indicated on the website and the app where the payment is made. The customer information is collated, the order is queued and a delivery date is assigned.

To cut down the costs and the carbon emissions that will be involved in shipping the items both ways, Transformer hubs which consist of a specialized production unit, drop-off and pick-up points and an order fulfillment company will be created in different locations. In addition to this, there will be a program on the app that enables all parties concerned log in information and track the progress of the orders.

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