Vytal, the sustainable reusable packaging system for the restaurant industry, revolutionising packaging!

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Vytal is the first deposit-free reusable packaging system in Mexico for the restaurant industry, replacing disposable packaging in a convenient and cost-effective way for both Users and restaurants (our Partners).

Through an app for Partners and Users, and a QR code for every container, Vytal operates a system that is free for Users. Partners only pay for each time they use a container and the price is similar compared to disposables. The system is designed so that people can order food the way they’re used to, whether it’s through pick-up, platforms or by phone, it works with Vytal. A Partner scans the QR code of the container and QR code of the User borrowing the container. When the container is returned to any participating Partner, the container is scanned back into the system. The containers can be used up to 200 times, and after 10 uses the environmental footprint is already lower than with disposable packaging and save up to 30 kg of CO2 over their lifecycle. With billions of single-use packages wasted every year, the environmental potential is enormous. Vytal Global was founded in 2019 in Germany and has expanded to Mexico through a franchise. Vytal has replaced over 5 million disposable packages through its system, with more than 5.000 Partners and over 380.000 Users.

Expanding to Mexico, the system and operations are adapted to the local context. With a team of 5 professionals Vytal launched in Guadalajara in December 2022.

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