‘Writing a Sustainable Future’ designs writing supplies using coloring pigments extracted from fruit and vegetable waste and colored wastewater.

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BORO*ATELIER is a social enterprise producing durable textile goods without spilling anything, no resources and no talent. In our studio we produce locally, using natural textiles only and specialize in dyeing using natural resources.

‘Writing a Sustainable Future’ is a new design project, using our circular coloring expertise to produce high-end writing supplies. With the waste of fruit and vegetables, and the wastewater from dyeing textiles, we will produce beautifully colored crayons, markers, pens and pencils. During the project period we will decide on one product to start with. The waste we use to extract pigments comes from onion peels, avocado seeds, black beans, pome grenade and coffee grounds.

The final products will be completely produced with bio-based ingredients, beautifully designed and with a clear message “we will write a sustainable future”.   All the products will be made in our studio where people follow our return-to-work programs, developing new skills, regaining self-confidence and take a suitable step to (volunteer) work or education.

We have a large network of suppliers providing the needed waste, and a large network of sustainability focused B2B customers. Among these the prestigious Rijksmuseum, which has already expressed interest.

BORO*ATELIER has the capacity to scale production. The pigments themselves become for sale. To maximize impact, we will share our knowledge about the application of the pigments open source. This way companies from different sectors across the world will have access to the knowledge and pigments, enabling them to duplicate the circular painting method to their own project.

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