ZAM Furniture

Design of didactic furniture for children from 3 to 7 years old

Assembly Disassembly

Making the Kenyan construction industry more efficient designing of disassemble-able buildings.

Eco-Bricks Made From Plastic

We helping customers to have access to affordable Eco-bricks made from recycled plastic waste for construction activities

Gardenia Balcony Garden


To spread greenery to every nook and corner of the world.

Cacao Eco Village

Cacao Eco Village: circular economy village made of 3d printed cacao waste

Arquitetura Ecológica

Comunidade colaborativa que mostra como ter sucesso na profissão de Arquitetura & Construção com propósito e sustentabilidade


An ecofriendly fashion swapping platform for women that lets you swap gorgeous pieces from your closet with pieces from a shared community wardrobe.

Tapestries with avocado dye

“” is a tapestry collection that used natural avocado pigments, obtained from avocado pits and skin that would otherwise be considered waste

Eco Period

Sanicare reusable pad

Sanicare is a product for every stage of life and the leaks that comes with it.

The Seeded Paper

The Seeded Paper aims empower people to re-wild the environment that surrounds us, one seed at a time.

Slingshot sofa

I want to provide an alternative to plan obsolescence.