Carbon Sink Boxes

Our solution can be described as a technology and an input that enable restoration for trees.

Revolutionizing Animal Feed

Using regenerative design thinking to recycle organic waste into sustainable animal feed and fertilizer for animal and crop farmers.

Coffe-eco Board

Coffeco relies on a phrase ‘’from trash to treasure’’.We valorize SCG to cratea sustainable board substitute for the traditionally furniturematerial


A sustainable, circular and social urban initiative in the city's neighborhoods fighting unnecessary consumption


Goods stocking has never been friendly with the environment, with Stockay we can make it Okay.

visual example of what we would like to accomplish


Circean wants to make the practice stage of tattooing circular, proposing a new alternative service and product.

Product designed by WilOk Innovations Kisumu

Sustainable Charcoal Making

Introducing gasifier cookstoves to heavy firewood-consuming businesses to stimulate demand for biomass briquettes by carbonizing them for reselling.